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Since September of 2018 I can proudly call myself a Master of Interaction Design. I started this journey exactly a year before receiving my final results. I can assure you that this was a long, difficult but inspiring road which took the absolute best out of me. It was a period in my life where I was tested by others just as much as myself. But all that hard work eventually lead to my biggest achievement in life so far. I successfully shaped my future into a landscape of opportunities. Read more about my project here.


I see myself as a web and design fanatic,
with a focus on interaction design

As an interaction designer, my main goal is to expand my view and gain insights into other topics and fields which can add to my current knowledge while implementing it into anything web related. My passion is knowledge and to not only focus on the things you notice but go beyond and do my own research while studying at the same time. My motto is: "Never stop learning" and I try to implement this in every way I can.

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My Skills

From idea to website.
Coming up with new designs
to then convert it into code.

In 2020, almost everyone is digitally connected with each other through the internet. Most, if not all companies have an online presence of some degree. Websites and webpages have evolved immensely through the years and are now able to do almost anything on your screen. Technologies such as 'WebGL', 'HTML5', 'New native responsive layouts', etc. are evolving to give creators the freedom to create the impossible.

Creating unique designs.
I love creating new and creative
designs, both digital and print.

I have always been a creative mind which is in a constant need of inventing, designing and implementing. I started using the Adobe suite since I was 16 to get my ideas into a design. Over the years I learned countless new creative processes which enabled me to improve myself as well as my designs. However, I still try to learn more about design every day.

Advertising and selling.
Using marketing strategies, planning,
customer succes, word of mouth, ...

Entrepreneurship and online marketing are subjects I gained experience through school and work. I learned how businesses work and how a product meets it's consumer. Social media has also been playing a big role in this domain, which is why I frequently study their changes and behaviours. My experience working at Ambassify also gave me a lot of insight into 'saas' and online marketing.

Getting people together.
Working in a team or guiding it,
I like to work with and for people.

After completing my studies and getting a masters degree in 'Interaction design', it became clear how important communication really is. I gained a lot of experience in working with team members as well as customers and clients. By working together with your customer, you gain a lot of new insight into your ideas. That's why I like working with and for all kinds of people.

Producing and editing.
From recording to publishing,
just like the video behind here.

Next to music production, video is one of my favorite medium. Videos, just like images, can capture so much more than words ever could. Recording video also drives my creativity since every situation or shot demands a different approach. You will never film something exactly the same twice in a row. When everything is captured, the editing brings creative decision-making back once again.

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Short Summary

I am a young adult who just finished school and is looking out into the world with a masters degree (interaction design) in my backpack. I do own a good set of skills which I want to improve and evolve through my carreer. I have high ambitions and commitment towards my future job(s). Expanding my network while creating solutions is also key in my journey.

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Graphic/Digital Design
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"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor." - Elon Musk